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Actually,ladies and gentlemen,in a relationship,SIZE MATTERS! by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 1:47am ·
"...Girlfriend,but he's so cute.He has an amazing sense of humour and he really knows how to treat me like a queen.Yes,i agree that he isn't all that perfect,but girl please,no man is.And for me,size doesn't count..."
When i hear these words from a fellow sister,i want to scream.I want to shake the hell out of her and slap some sense into her obviously disfunctional brain.I say disfunctional because no woman with half a brain can actually say that size doesn't count,because it does.It counts for a lot,for more than his cuteness and amazing sense of humour put together!

No-one in their right mind would ever buy a car without first taking it for a test-drive.The reason is that you don't want to invest your resources in a car with a dead engine.That's how life is.So ladies,you must never ever invest anything in a man until you have taken him for a test drive,because believe me,there is nothing worse than a sexy-looking car that has a dead,disfunctional engine.
Size counts...size of a man's brains,that is.

Many young women (and some older ones too) are still in that juvenile stage where a man's looks and material possessions mean more than his outlook to life and the amount of knowledge he possesses,hence there is a growing number of adultery particularly among the youth.

On the subject of investment,let me be clear.A relationship is an investment.It is an investment of one's time,energy,emotions and resources.It is an investment that has no guarantees of any returns,which is what makes it a risky and exhausting process.So when you invest in it,you hope that your efforts will bear fruit,that the relationship that you are building will someday stand tall and survive the social elements of nature (like cheating,abuse etc).Clearly,this commitment must be made with an understanding that it is long-term,so you must invest in a worth-while project.

I find it very frustrating to be in the company of an ignorant stranger,so imagine being in the company of an ignorant partner whom you just might spend a lifetime with.It is the height of calamity,the very definition of tragedy.

Nothing is more sexier than a man who is gifted in the brains department,a man with whom you can hold constructive and informative debate.I love politics so naturally,i am attracted to men who are into politics.But one need not be an activist or politician to understand politics.I would date a car mechanic if he could hold his own in political discussions.I would even say "I do" to a taxi driver provided that when i ask him to remind me the exact dates of the First Chimurenga,his response is not "What is the First Chimurenga?"
I am generally a very understanding person,but i totally refuse to understand why anyone should be clueless about the developments of the world around them.That,i will not tolerate.

I accomodate differences.As i articulated,the man need not be a politician.He need not even know the issues in depth.But he must not be clueless.PLEASE,i beg,let the man not be an ignorant fool.

Some women say that the most important thing in a man is a great personality.It is important,i agree,but not more than brains.You can be a darling to the neighbours,friendly to my colleagues,angelic to my family and compassionate to the elderly,but if you are clueless you are not my type.You can take me to Zimbabwe (my favourite country in the world) or fly me to the City of Romance (Paris) but if you know not where the library is,you are not for me.

The advantages of having a smart and informed man are endless.You never run out of things to say to each other.You can debate endlessly (and when you lose,just sulk and have him answer to your every whim).You help each other grow both emotionally and intellectually.More than that,you become bridges across each other's sorrows.

Forget the size of the bank account or any other size for that matter.Those sizes don't count.The only size that the size of the brain!

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