Saturday, 5 May 2012

I am... By Vusumuzi Martin Bhengu

by Malaika Wa Azania on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 10:55pm ·
I am the son of a retrenched mine worker.
I am the son of an over-worked nurse, a victim of state capitalism
I am the great-granson of a forgoten african warrior who fought against the British army in the battle of Isandlwana, who lays wasted and ferterlises this african soil in which i grow crops that feed my soul...

I am a brother to an educated sister, but rejected by the labour market.
I am a friend to a sex worker who gives me a blowjob whilst being fucked condomless by capitalism.
I am a pupil in a class, filled with melodic sounds of rumbling stomachs.
I am a desk-mate to a raped daughter of my other mother.
I am a nephew to the uncle you call a Hobo, who's lifeless body lays in the streets of Hilbrow...
I am the statistics of un-employment that you qoute in Paliarment after you had passed me by the Traffic lights in your BMW with tinted windows.

I am a husband to the dark, sun kissed skin woman that you made to drink your urine with her lucious lips that sing a song known by me and my fellow daughters and sons of the afrikan soil. Mayibuye!
I am the young body, perforated with bullets in the streets of SOWETO.
I am a resident in the concentration camp that you call a Township. Our match-box houses are blanketed by chimney smoke.
I am the body which houses the mind that accepted Bantu education with broken fists.

I am a Black man...

A poem by Vusumuzi Martin Bhengu

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