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Muammar Gaddhafi:A candle in the wind by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 9:03pm ·
As i write this note,my heart is bleeding.Not since the betrayal of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe by Afrikan leaders have i been this broken by Afrikan politics.The situation with Libyan president,Colonel Muammar Gaddhafi is in many ways similar to that of incumbent president of Cotê d'Ivoire,Laurent Gbagbo,with the main difference being that where Gbagbo had some sympathy from some quarters,Gaddhafi is a man alone.

French president,Nicolas Sarkozy,has confirmed that allied warplanes have gone into action to stop Gaddhafi's forces attacking the rebel-held city of Benghazi,this after Gaddhafi declared an air strikes at opposition rebels in Libya's second largest city a few weeks ago,in retaliation to the rebel's intended coup d'etat of Afrika's longest ruling leader.The catalyst of these developments is undoubtedly the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings,and those engulfing the Arab world.The similarity with all leaders,from Ben Ali (Tunisia) to Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) is that they have all been holding onto power for decades,making theirs totalitarian reigns.The other similarity,most disturbing,is the involvement of the Western powers.

The operation in Libya is led by France,Britain,Canada and the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa and backed by Arab Nations.They have all agreed to put in place military means to enforce the decisinns of the United Nations Security Council,to force Gaddhafi's forces to cease fire.The USA has emphasised that its role is to support and not LEAD the operation,a great irony coming from a country that is so deeply involved in wars (in Iraq and Afghanistan,both rich in oil).The question we must be asking is:WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS?

Col Muammar Gaddhafi has played an important role in defeating imperialist forces in Afrika,the same forces who are now calling for his head.In helping end Italian rule in Libya over four decades ago,Gaddhafi helped set in motion a process that would see the chain of Afrikan unity strengthen.In a continent engulfed with gender stereotyping and the oppression of females,a man who employs only women bodyguards is a man to note with some tenderness in our hearts.

Gaddhafi,like every leader,has made some fatal flaws,and among these is his senseless attacks on innocent civilians in recent weeks.But that alone is not reason for us to rejoice over his downfall without first analysing some things.

> The UN is hell-bent on imposing itself on Afrika,and recent incidents in the Ivory Coast,in Egypt,in Tunisia,in Sudan are all vivid indications of this.

> Libya,like Iraq,is an oil-rich nation.With the recent economic recession that saw First World countries lose billions of dollars,it is suspicious that a country that is a source of the resource should be hounded by the dogs in the West.Is this a plot to recoup lost wealth?

>Gaddhafi has been consistent in his call for a United States of Afrika.If this materialises,the West will be shaken to its very core.A united Afrika could never have its resources exploited.A united Afrika could never allow for foreign investments that could cripple countries' economies...and that would mean that the West shant enjoy the field day that it is enjoying in its looting of Afrika.

I condemn the killing of innocent civilians wholeheartedly,but i am adamant that the West is partially to blame.The arrogance of the UN in its dealings with Afrika must be condemned by all of us.We are a sovereignty,we have the capacity to handle our internal affairs without the UNWANTED aid of our colonisers.

It was former president Thabo Mbeki who said:
"The internal problems of Afrika will be solved within Afrika,by Afrikans."

I concur.

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