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When White women date Black men...and Black women date White men by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 5:12am ·
Since "racist" is a brand i've been given without my consent,i don't imagine why it should be necessary to emphasise that this note isn't born out of hatred for White people but out of my own observations,and so,i shall get right down to it without first softening anyone up.

Our country has come a long way since the brutal era of the 1957 Immorality Act,which made it illegal for people to date across the colour line.Interestingly,the Act was challenged more by the White (female,i must emphasise) community than it was by any other people.On the 23rd of February 1962,a debate on the reading of the Immorality Act Amendment Bill took place at the House of Parliament in Cape Town.Mrs Helen Suzman,Progressive Party member for Houghton,who was the only member representing her party in the House,spoke on the Bill,which had been introduced by herself.When the debate,extended over several days,ended,the Immortality Act Amendment Bill was (naturally) defeated by an overwhelming majority.This ofcourse,didn't mean that the defiance was defeated in reality.The top-deck (Black and White) relationships continued to mushroom everywhere.

A new day dawned 32 years later,in 1994,when democracy was born.Now,South Afrika truly belonged "to all those who live in it",as the preamble of the Freedom Charter had articulated more than three decades previously.On the 8th of May 1996,the Constitution of the Republic of South Afrika was adopted by the Constitutional Assembly.This document,ofcourse,made it clear that it aimed to "Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values,social justice and fundamental human rights" (quoted from the Preamble).This,simplified,meant that the doors of racial integration have been opened.Whites and Blacks could now go to the same schools,same churches,same malls and use the same ablution facilities.It meant Sello Kganyago could now kiss Catherine Pietersen in public and the cops could do nothing about it,except long for their own wives (or mistresses) back home.The new South Afrika!

I don't have a problem with inter-racial relationships.Seriously.If a White man loves dark chocolate,then dark chocolate he shall have.And if a Soweto girl decides that her future is in Morningside with a Phillip Pietersen,then who am i to decide? My people said they want freedom of choice.It can't be taken away when many died in their lifetime to have it realised in our own.However,i do have a troubling observation to point out.

White women are strange.Truly.When they date a Black brother,they don't date ANY Black brother.They seem to favour only the crème-de-la-crème.They go for the most educated Black brothers,the kind who are eloquent and intellectually sharp.They go for the kind of Black brother who (often) never really did fit into the general definition of Black according to Whites (there are Whites who,to date,generally believe that Black is synonymous to barbarism).White women rarely (if ever) date average Black brothers.I think that they opt for the smart type so that they can say to their fascist parents who support the AWB: "You see mom/dad,my Mbulelo isn't like those others.He's an econometrist.He got his Masters at UCT!"

Black sisters who date White men are often more problematic.They seem to be suffering from delusions of grandeur.I have always found that generally,when Blacks have White bestfriends or boyfriends,they tend to adopt a superiority complex.They think (wrongly ofcourse) that they are more progressive than the ones who are dating a Thabani Netshivhazwaulo (hahaha! try pronouncing that,Megan van Rensburg).This,ofcourse,has everything to do with the tragic slave mentality of Blacks that White is superior,that White is godly.That mentality illustrates the magnitude and depth of systematic soporification in our people.

While we must admire the Pirates (Black and White) relationships that defy
illogic of discrimination on the basis of pigmentation,we must now also defy the subtle hypocritic nature of such unions.If White women date Black men,they must not just date Siyabonga whose English could shame the Queen.They must also date Sabelo who pronounces politics as "polotics" and calls all toothpastes Colgate.That Kabelo who lives in the squatter camp of Alexandra is a man too,Ms Annelia Thornton.So if you love from the heart,love him too.

Well, for me as Malaika Samora Lesego Mahlatsi (wa Azania),my love for top deck is only limited to Cadbury chocolates.As i always say:
I love my men like my coffee...strong and black.

No compromise on quality,too!

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