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The assassination of Karl Marx by young South Afrikan Marxists by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 4:29am ·
In South Afrika,there exists a fascinating èlite society that calls itself Marxists.I use the word "èlite" deliberately,for its French etymology defines it as "a group of people given privileges which are not given to others".These Marxists fit very well into this definition.They are intellectuals,atleast according to the system's definition of that as being erudite (a privilege that millions don't have).The Blacks in this multi-racial èlite society have an excellent command of the Queen's native language,affording them the privilege of being supercilious through the overt-usage of grandiloquents from their endless literature,to an ideologicaly comatose constituency that can barely make ends meet.They have the privilege of having no intellectual superiors and thus,unlike the masses on the ground who are still in a state of defeatism,do not experience the deleterious magnitude of White supremacy.They are a "better" fraction of the Black condition.

This èlite society of intellectuals subscribes to Marxism/Scientific Socialism,the body of ideas first worked out by a German philosopher Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels,which provide a thorough scientific and theoretical basis for the struggle of the working class to attain Socialism.They are young intellectuals who believe that an understanding of Marxism equips the working-class theoretically for the great historic task of the Socialist transformation of society.There are two "important" organisations of these èlite pseudo-altruists in Azania,SASCO and YCLSA,led by Mbulelo Mandlana and Buti Manamela,respectively,and joined to the hip by the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) formation.These two organisations are a heap of intellectualism,and harbour boiling crucibles of theoreticians and new-age Ciceros.And yet,these very people,are to Marxism what Brutus was to Caesar.

Over the past few months,i've observed the statuses and general engagements of members of these organisations,particularly on burning issues such as the "Free Education" campaign (which SASCO has been spearheading since 1992),the issues surrounding current YCL leadership and the question around the SACP in its entirety.What i've discovered can only be described as shocking.
Leaders of YCLSA and of SASCO,have an endless capacity for converging on social networks with the sole intention of vilifying their own comrades,uttering ineffable venom about each other.Ofcourse,to a person who can't see through the diaphanous acerbity of the statements made by these individuals,the chirography alone becomes the central issue.But within the labyrinthine chicanery of words,lies reticent animosity and disingenuous comradeship.At times,i find the situation ludicrous,if only because it exposes elements of intellectual puerilety for what they are.This is because i never did take neither organisation seriously to begin with.Sadly,many thousands of members do.

In my view,the task of young Marxists is to massify the vital Socialist agenda by defining the role of the working-class within our multi-class society in order to gear young people of this country towards contributing to the realisation of the long-term objectives of the National Democratic Revolution that seeks to transform our unequal country into a National Democratic Society.For those of us battling to contextualise these complex ideas of Vladimir Lenin and other (sane) Marxists,it would be progressive to have YCL and SASCO leaders and members updating ideological statuses and writing notes explaining politics of substance,rather than dedicate revolutionary time to attacking their own comrades/leaders,for this has dangerous results:

1. Comrades exhaust time writing about being anti individuals and anti tendencies rather than write the same volume of work unpacking and simplifying this complex Marxist-Leninist doctrine that remains an enigma.This then reduces the writings of these Marxist intellectuals to èlitist engagements understable only to those within the prestigious and sophisticated group of theoreticians.The articulations of the struggles which affect us become incomprehensible,because we have to synthesise what "New Tendency" is without having had the components of Scientific Socialism correctly dissected for us.

2. The same Marxists who tell us that the South African Communist Party is the vanguard party of the motive force of the revolution,the proletariat,publicaly attack its leadership and questions its allegedly nefarious agendas.This doesn't inspire confidence in the ordinary man and woman on the street to whom Marxism could very well be an extraterristerial teratogen.It paints a picture of a beguiling Party of edentate leaders with a delibity for grooming totile depredators of extortionate leaders.If this is how the indigent are to view the Party,then the reality of the situation is that the masses will revolt against the ideals of Socialism,leaving a commodious area for the real enemies to unite against the proletariat.

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