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White people and their arrogance makes Kaffirs want to Dubul'iBhunu! by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 10:18am ·
It is with shock that one reads page 2 of today's TIMES newspaper.The headline glaring at me just above the weather forecast,has the title "HOFMEYR'S K-WORD KAK".Ofcourse i'm interested in knowing what this famous neo-Nazist has to say about Black people this time around...

A few weeks ago,the revolution was on trial-literally.An organisation established to safeguard the interests of the setter minority,AfriForum,had taken the president of thd ANCYL,Julius Malema,to court,in a quest to criminalise a popular struggle song,"Dubul'iBhunu" which,when translated means,"Shoot the Boer."
While for the reactionary media and hysterical masses,the song was personified into Malema himself,for most Azanians,the song is a representation of our history,a symbol of where we come from as the Black nation.It is a song that resonates with our suffering,a suffering whose wounds remain raw.
The people threw a fit over this,in defence of Malema,and correctly so.

Today,like an angry zit on an ebony sculptored skin,apartheid has once again shown its ugly face,in the form of a song written by Afrikaans singer,Steve Hofmeyr,whose lyrics includes the word Kaffir,a name that was used by the apartheid regime to dehumanise Black people,a word which became a first name of all Black people before the eyes of White fascists.In defence of this nefarious act of arrogance,the descendent of Henrik Verwoerd said:
"If Julius Malema is allowed to sing SHOOT THE BOER in public,we too will sing songs that have the k-word".
There are two problems with this picture:

1. It is the height of White arrogance to give us an ultimatum in a dispensation where they ought to be grateful for being allowed to breath the same air as Black people.After more than 350 years of oppression by the settler minority,Black people have gone all out to reconcile with their oppressors.From the abandoning of the armed struggle,the negotiated settlement to the legitimisation of their presence,Black people have truly been more hospitable than humanly possible.After the raw deal that Blacks were given by "democracy",the least that Whites can do is enjoy their stolen wealth in their quiet confinements and let us speak the words we've been wanting to since 1652.For centuries,we were forced to listen to them,through whips and gunshots.When will they ever listen to US without always trying to have the last word?

Secondly,there is a dangerous illogic to this "we are doing it because you did it first" mentality,because it opens up opportunities for Black people that are to the detriment of Hofmeyr and his people.If we are to carry this to its logical conclusion,it means that because Whites dispossessed us first,we are justified and allowed to reciprocate by dispossessing THEM this time around.
That would be great,wouldn't it? I wonder if Hofmeyr did think about it from this particular angle.

I believe that there is a serious crisis emerging in Azania,and it threatens to engulf the very fruits of democracy,the very little that exist.We cannot be in a situation where the very people who oppressed us during the apartheid regime,can now oppress us in a dispensation where political power is in the hands of the native majority.It would indeed be a calamity of great magnitude.

Democracy in its current definition must be reviewed,because it is clearly no different from previous tyranny that saw a majority being subjugated.Democracy in its current definition is but the institutionalisation and legalisation of Kaffirisation.

Black people must never allow themselves to be put in a situation where they must negotiate terms of engagement or of anything else,with the White nation.This only serves to take away from us the very little that we have,the ONLY little that we have...the essence of our being.

The arrogance of White people is threatening to be a catalyst to the actualisation of retribution by Black people,and as a young Black woman,i have only one fear: that by the time White people have turned to loving,they will find that my generation of Black people will have turned to hating

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