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University is nothing but the systematic makings of a slave by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 5:05pm ·
I matriculated in 2009,and like my peers,i was excited by the prospect of being a university student.It all seemed so glamorous.Living in my own residence away from the dictatorship of Stalin.Attending lectures in big lecture-halls and learning the labyrinthine nature quantum physics.And so i descended upon Capetonian soil,and into Stellenbosch University i went.My first though was: This is the most beautiful campus in the country.The BSc (Nuclear Physics) laboratory was calling my name,and i knew then that i'm destined to be a nuclear physicist,as i'd decided when i applied for that course.
Two days later,i was hit by depression.Everywhere i looked,White brats were conversing in Afrikaans,and i'm certain that if i were to listen closer,i'd hear one of them throwing "kaffir" into a sentence.But i didn't listen closer.I listened to the voice in me that was saying "Get the hell out of that place!" and a while later,i obliged.

After that decision,i was left frustrated.There i was,18 years old,staying with my uncle and aunt in Rondebosch...not knowing what to do with my life! And so i thought: Maybe UWC is the solution,since it has such a rich history.But applications were closed and so two weeks later,i was back in Jo'burg and the neighbours were saying: "How can an A student be sitting at home doing nothing?" I thought: The country is in a mess,so why are PhD holders doing nothing?

Writing became my salvation,until in June 2010 i was forced by Stalin to register with the University of SA,because she refused to "have an 18 year old at home doing nothing".And so i went to UNISA and for 4 months,i forced myself to pretend that Sociology and Literature matter to me.In September,i thought: To hell with this crap! I'm going to Cape Town to work for a progressive NGO.I packed my bags and was off to AIDC.Never had i felt as liberated as i did sitting in that 2-hour flight,saying goodbye to Jo'burg and new beginnings.
But i got into the office and thought: Dammit! I'm not cut out for office work! 09h00 to 17h00 is not my thing and i don't belong here.
Three months later,it was back to Jo'burg.I had turned 19...and all i knew was that i hate university and i hate office work.

January and it was registration time at UNISA.Rhodes University had accepted me,but a week before i was to descend upon Eastern Cape soil,i thought: What the hell will i be doing there? I don't belong in that picket-fence enclosed prison that breeds arrogant inorganic intellectuals.
Unforeseen circumstances erased UNISA from the picture.A part of me thought: Oh no! I was liking this set-up of long-distance learning. And another part thought: Good riddance!
And it was back to writing and NGO work that didn't require too much time in the office...until in the first week of April i thought: To hell with this,i don't want to do this crap!
Now it's May and i'm being hammered about how i should go back to university.I'm thinking to myself: This crap is not worth it!

The reality is on the same wavelength with my mentality,because despite a growing number of graduates,there remains a growing number of child-headed families,of poverty-striken households,of politrickers...of mess! So exactly what are these people going to school for?
Well,they go for the prestige.We live in a society that takes seriously fools with degrees and so fools are getting degrees.
They go school to be assimilated into the culture of westernisation,and that's why our graduates know more about the Russian Revolution than they do about the Rwanda Genocide.
They go to school to be taught that the coloniser is superior,and that's why when a graduate can speak English that would shame the Queen,they are considered "intelligent".
They go to school to be made slaves of the system,while they are made to think that they are fighting it.A graduate studies hard so that he can get a "good" job,and he wants to tell us that he's a Communist fighting against capitalism,when his very life is dedicated to nurturing that very system.
They go there to be systematically enslaved.

And it hit me then,why back in January 2010 i thought the Stellenbosch University Nuclear Physics laboratory looked like extra-ordinary. The reason universities are so full of knowledge is that the students come with so much and they leave with so little.

Nothing worth learning is taught in school.


  1. I wasted 5 years of my life reading man made science. University teaches sience that was agreed to be at our exposal but not the natural sience of the universe. We Graduates are systematically channeled into a mental prison called education so as to oppress our human capability of exploring the reality of life and nature. Those who are belived to be smart are narrowed to the bottom of the pyramid and kept ignorant. Media, School Science and religions are mental prisons to keep us chained and channeled into ignorancy. Knowledge is in the hands of the few and the rest of us are kept ignorants. The system is just too big & complex to challenge. Love it African Sister

    1. I am made to believe that one is supposed to understand the system so as to cahallenge it...