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The Royal Wedding: When slaves celebrate with their master by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 5:07am ·
It is with monumental shock that this note is written.The time is 03h48.The date is Friday,the 29th of April: the BIG day.I have been listening to the radio while trying to make sense of Pixley ka Seme's writings.I had to stop halfway,because the torture of what nearly all these radio stations are reporting is too much to bear."The BIIG day is today!" 94.7 Highveld Stereo has just announced.The BIG day,ofcourse,is the royal wedding: a union between an irrelevent Prince William (son of Princess of Wales [Princess Diana]) and Kate Middleton.
What shocks me about this,is the excitement expressed by Afrikans,who have nothing at all to gain from this.

Britain is unarguably,the worst enemy of the Azanian people.Her oppression of Afrika is traceable from the late 14th century,during the colonisation of Afrika.When European colonisers reached the continent of Afrika and settled in the colonies,they started plantations that needed labour.Afrikans were then taken as slaves,forced to provide labour to their owners without receiving wages and without legal rights.This slavery became more entrenched with time,our people were seen as less than human,and their treatment was extremely harsh and brutal.With the expansion of colonialism in other countries,slavery increased dramatically.From 1451 until 1870,an estimated 15 MILLION Afrikans were taken across the Atlantic to the AmeriKKKas,as slaves.Slaves were used to produce staple crops.

This period saw the rise of a world economy and gave birth to the Industrial Revolution in England and industrialisation in the rest of the Western world.The slave trade played a crucial role in the process of industrialisation in England,because the triangular trade of the Atlantic Ocean played a central role in the transition to industrialisation and ofcourse,capitalism.

The 16th century saw the growth of colonial plantation economies,meaning that the production of cotton and tobacco by slaves expanded and so,these plantations dominated the landscape of AmeriKKKa.Naturally,plantation economies relied on the labour of slaves which was cheap and abundant in supply.Because slave labour cost nothing but produced a lot,the prices of AmeriKKKan goods decreased,and products like sugar and tobacco,which used to be luxury goods,were sold as everyday items to people in Europe.The falling prices of raw materials contributed to the development of industries in England that produced goods for mass consumer markets,breeding competition and thus giving birth to capitalism.

The legacy of slavery is seen everyday.Marxists will argue that slave owners used Afrikan labour as opposed to White labour because it was cheaper and more efficient,and so racism was a consequence of slavery rather than a product of it.We pan Afrikanists believe that slavery was a result of deep racial prejudice that Europeans held long before the institution of slavery was introduced.Europeans in the 14th century had no contact with Afrikans and so,tended to view us as alien.Afterall,more than just a cheap source of labour,it rested completely on the dehumanisation of slaves themselves.No matter what the argument,we agree that slavery bred the evils that are capitalism and White supremacy,which oppress Afrikans.

Through its colonisation of Azania,the theft of its land and mineral wealth,Britain has become one of the richest nations in the world.
Let us look at the barometer of Britain's raping of Azania:

1806-British take control of the Cape

1811-British take Xhosas off Cape land

1843-Britain annexes Natal

1854-British and Boer leaders sign the Bloemfontein Convention

1868-Britain annexes Sotho Kingdom

1879-Pedis lose independence to Britain

The first system of apartheid in Azania was,infact,created by the British Secretary for Native Affairs in Natal,Theophilus Shepstone,who set up a government system known as the Shepstone System,which had 2 fuctions:
>Appoint chiefs to rule in locations established for Blacks
>Establish a two-tier legal system: White settlers were subject to Roman-Dutch Law while Blacks were subject to native law,which changed Afrikan practices to suit the circumstances of the colony and the character of a "civilised" government.

The British Royal family benefited from apartheid,built the Buckingham Palace with Afrikan wealth through Afrikan labour.

I could elaborate further,but i'd need a full day.But before you send sms to radio stations in support of the British royal family,remember the humiliation of Chief Sarhili,remember King Moshoeshoe,remember Sekhukhune and remember the brutal killing of King Hintsa,whose decapitated head became a trophy of those British army generals.

To celebrate the climax of our rapist is to enjoy the rape!

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