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It is Blacks who are anti-Black by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 9:35pm ·
Forget Hendrik Verwoerd,PW Botha,Woutter Busson,Clive Derby-Lewis or the Nationalist Party.Forget King Leopold or Ian Smith.We have a new boss and he's just as ruthless as the above mentioned,if not more so.

Twenty two years ago,the people of Azania made two fatal flaws:
1. They abandoned the armed struggle in exchange for a negotiated settlement
2. They stopped thinking

The unfortunate result of this is what they see every time they open a newspaper:corruption/misappropriation of their resources by brainless Black "leaders" and being reduced to figures of pathos by heartless White capitalists.This ofcourse,doesn't translate to me saying that Black people deserve their suffering.It translates to me saying: Black people have the ability to do something about their suffering.

The problem that i'm addressing is one that we all know to be the truth,and nothing but the truth: Black people are their worst oppressors,and they allow themselves to be oppressed.

Without even mentioning the brutal 2008 attacks on Afrikan brothers and sisters by our own South Afrikan people that saw thousands being injured and forced to leave the country,i can give you many examples of anti-Black Blacks themselves.

>Throughout Azania's liberation struggle,thousands of our people were killed by Boers and revolutionary operations were sabotaged,by "askaris",our own people.

>Many an Afrikan revolutionary has been killed by the hand of a Black brother.Former Prime Minister of Congo,Patrice Lumumba,was executed,shot by a line-up of Black soldiers,while Belgian hyenas snickered on the side-lines.Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso was sold out by his own were many others.

>When Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe removed White farmers from farms and gave them to the people of Zimbabwe,he gave imperialists the middle finger that they deserved.A short while later him and 98 other prominent individuals and institutions were sanctioned by the West.Afrikan leaders,who know too well the fundamental importance of land and re-agrarianisation ,both which guarantee a high standard of living for the masses,were silent.From Cape to Cairo,they all sat back and watched Mugabe fall victim to the West's brutality...the height of sabotage.

>It is Black people who take their children to model-C schools.White children don't attend township schools.Why? Because Black people themselves have decided that White equals to superior and Black equals to inferior.This can also be seen in the way that there are more Blacks whose English could shame the Queen than there are Whites who speak isiXhosa or seSotho like natives.

The list goes on...

It is rather too simple to say to someone:"Be Black and proud".However,that is far from being enough.Black people have lost so much in so many ways,that to fix this problem of self-hatred,we must go back to its roots.

Our Kenyan brother,Ngugi wa Thiong'o talks about "Decolonising the Mind".It's not enough to merely decolonise our colonised minds.We must detox it,get rid of all the junk that occupies its space.To do this,we must first understand exactly what that junk is.

>We must teach our children their history;undiluted and unpolluted.They must know about pre-modern societies,understand pastoral,nomadic and matriarchal societies so that they may understand that the system of Capitalism is NOT the only alternative.They must know that Afrikan Socialism is possible,because it succeeded before.
>We must teach our children about the trans-Atlantic slave trade,so that they may understand where Afrika's suffering began.It is only when they do,that they can begin to recover.
>We must teach our children about who King Shaka was,they must know what King Hintsa died for.This will enable them to understand the magnitude of our struggle-something they don't.

Through intense mobilisation and organising,it is possible.There's nothing that governments fear more than the masses being on the streets.It is only when we demand that textbooks are replaced with TRUTHBOOKS that they will listen.Or better yet,it is when we DESTROY those textbooks that our thirst for true knowledge will be quenched.

The damage that we are doing to each other knows no boundries.It knows no limits.
Afrika can't continue to stand on a weak foundation,because the structure WILL come tumbling down.Thankfully,the structure is being raized by corrupt leaders,ruthless governments and the devils of the West.The youth has a rebuild,to use new ingredients for a stronger foundation,so that all of us may live peacefully without being bullied by a settler minority,in...

the United States of Afrika.


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