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Why your husband WILL cheat with the nanny/helper by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 4:21pm ·
This note is not like any other that i've written.It's neither about politics nor is it an ode to anyone i hold dear.Infact,this note is sexist.That's right...SEXIST.
It is a not written for my fellow sisters.It is a WARNING to them and so,they should read it very carefully.

Your man WILL cheat.That's right.It's a sad,awful truth,but truth nonetheless.That man who looks at you like you hang stars in a dark sky? That man who holds you like you're the most precious object? That man who talks to you like you're a goddess? Well,that man WILL cheat on you if you do the following:

No man likes a whiner.Your man might not tell you this,but every time you say "Vusi come home now,i miss you" when he's out with his buddies,then you're giving him a ticket to cheat!

Lady,listen here: you were born Malaika Mahlatsi.You have your own hobbies and interests that define you as an individual.Everytime you lose that individual to please a man,he loses interest in you.Your man was attracted to you by your character,so when you change it,he nolonger sees the woman he fell in love with.Never let go of your independence.

Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to not be appreciated? It's the little things that count.A "Thank you" when he buys you airtime.A "Please" when you want to be dropped off at the hair salon...makes ALL the difference.

No man wants a woman that cheats on him.If you're dissatisfied with your partner,talk about it.If it can't be resolved,then end it.Just don't cheat,woman! Men NEVER forgive cheating,even if they give second chances...or third...or fourth.

Now that we have that out of the way,let's address the nanny issue.

We're seeing an increasing number of men cheating with their house helps and the nanny,but we're not acknowledging that infact,it could be OUR fault.(You heard me!)

There's a serious problem,particularly with middle-class BLACK women.It's called the "I-Smell-Better-Than-Shit" syndrome.Middle-class Black women have a tendency of thinking that money can replace their duties as wives and as parents.You hire a helper and treat her like crap,over-work and UNDER-PAY her....all this while your husband observes.

These women don't want to do ANYTHING in their own homes.They don't want to touch the brooms,the dishes or even their own children's soiled nappies.All this is "the helper's job".
Well,let me tell you this,dear Darkie:

Your man with 3 degrees and a CEO position at KPMG is NOT charmed by this.He looks at the help and sees all the qualities of a wife.He sees a woman that takes care of his children,who mean the world to him.He sees a woman who ensures that his home is more than just a house.He sees a woman who feeds him,who takes good care of him.

At the end of the day,a man doesn't just want a woman who knows how to co-ordinate outfits or has a stylish razor cut.There will come a point when your understanding of global politics and economics will mean NOTHING when all your man wants is to see you cooing over your own baby,instead of shouting "Nanny!" everytime your ugly infant starts weeping.There will come a time when Marxism or Pan Afrikanism will not matter when all your man wants is a bowl of his favourite "mabela a ting" or a plate of "malana le mogodu".

Truly,ladies,this is not an encouragement of patriarchy but rather,an honest engagement on reality.Stop dumping your duties with the nanny and think that your man likes it.He doesn't.
And for heaven's sake,stop being a volunteer detective.Let the man have his breathing space so that he has time to miss you.The last thing you want is to bore the poor thing,because if you do,he WILL cheat on you.
And don't think that having a baby willl change anything.A baby does NOT make an unhappy relationship strong,but rather,a happy and strong relationship is reason to have a baby.

And one last thing...
Ladies,it is distasteful of you to date another woman's man knowing that they are still together.Rather wait for them to break up,like the vulture that you are.Remember,him leaving his woman for you is a sign of disaster to come...because what a man does WITH you,he will do TO you.

With love
Mrs Bhengu

Actually,make that Malaika wa Azania.

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