Saturday, 5 May 2012

The last time i went down on my knees and Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 3:40am ·
It has been six years since i decided that God makes no sense,
It's a decision that left my God-fearing family very tense.
But i could nolonger keep up the pretense,
I couldn't pretend that i was still viewing life through a shattered lens.

Indeed it has been exactly six years today,
And my convictions refuse to fade away.

The last time i went down on my knees and prayed...
A pandemic was born and my people were dropping down like flies inhaling Raid.
Scientists and intellectuals were telling us of an incurable virus whose origins remain unknown,
And the power of Western-engineered genocide through AIDS,was shown.

The last time i went on my knees and prayed...
The benefits of democracy were still being delayed.
Unapologetic murderers were on television confessing at the TRC,
Crimes that cost Azania more lives than HIV.
But in our rush to paint the picture of a rainbown nation,
We allowed criminals to get away without taking just action.

The last time i went down on my knees and prayed...
Innocent young girls were getting laid.
Statistics only spoke about the rise of teenage pregnancy,
But failed to capture data that all this is due to the apartheid legacy.
Yes,apartheid legacy indeed,
Because it alone has left a young Black child in need.
So much in need that she believes her rumbling stomach only a man can feed,
And so when she opens her tender legs and lets him plant his seed,
She's guaranteed that tonight unlike last night,poverty at home wont succeed.

The last time i went down on my knees and prayed...
I realised that through education,an Afrikan child was being killed.
Volumes of material teaching him AmeriKKKan and British literatures,
Painting Afrikan gods as barbaric creatures.
And so today i engage daughters and sons of the soil who know not MAISAIKATEGANG A MAGODIMO.
I engage Afrikan children who make no sense,
Who know not the importance of the Morogoro conference.

The last time i went down on my knees and prayed...
Slaves and masters were dinning on the same table.
George Orwell may have written ANIMAL FARM as a satire,
But in this country its theme is as real as the poverty in Ndofaya.
We see daily that although all animals are equal,
Some animals are more equal than others.

The last time i went down on my knees and prayed...
Like a broken-winged bird,my Ivorian leader and his wife by the West were being caged.
The SA government that preaches democracy was signing a no-fly zone,
Not realising or perhaps not caring that it was selling out one of our own.
And so,like they did 352 years ago,
The colonisers have returned and at Afrikan land and resources will have a go.

It hit me that God is non-existent
Or if He isn't then of Afrika's pain He's ignorant.

And so i stopped praying.
Like Technique i refused to kneel down and pray to the sky,
Because almost everything that i always believed was a lie.



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  3. Well my Azanian sister, it is sad to read a conscious decision such as you have penned, to cast the presence or existence of God into the same abyss from which all the evils you outline came. I believe you prayed because you believed God existed and that God was compassionate and loving. You prayed because you believed there was a power; more powerful, above and beyond the current societal ills you tearfully observe.

    You prayed because you refused to accept the notion that we are objects of chance and commotion.
    You prayed because you understood that none of the existing evils come from God, surely you believed the origins of the colonial evils come from a source opposed to God. Then at some point you stopped believing, you got overwhelmed by the sheer crudeness and cruelty of what was around you. As you observed the effects of the actions of an unGodly men, you got gripped in fear of standing on top of an iceberg soon to be melted by the heat of very injustice perpetrated and eventually find yourself engulfed in the same fate as your fellow people. Then you gave up praying.

    Remember that evil is forever lurking in the silent dark shadows of our very existense and the more and longer it lingers around it starts capturing its victims - one by one - until the the very society that was pointing to the moving ghostly shadows find themselves in the very shadows they once dreaded; pointing at the losses incurred by those not yet enlisted in their newly adopted position.

    Colonialism, in all its forms is evil and evil in all its forms is corrosive. The ills listed in your article are evils borne out of forces opposed to Godly forces. When you concede to the overwhelming presence of evil and deny the existence of the opposite force, you are actually conceding to the triumph of evil over good, thus you become the victim of the very thing that caused the societal ills that caused you harm and pain. God works with people, He works with revolutionaries willing to stand as proponents of good than just whistle blowers of the existence of only evil.

    I pray my Azanian sister that you will, at some point of your revolutionary life, get back down on your knees and resume to pray.

  4. I agre with you.
    I joined the Journey two years ago. I am happy now and mentally decolonized.
    A luta Continua my Sister.