Saturday, 5 May 2012

Prayer for Libya by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 9:30pm ·
We sit and watch in utter dismay
As where once the Black gods lay
The United Nations and NATO now play.
We watch in disgust
As their hunger for our oil grows into lust and Libyan citizens are introduced to dust.

They came to the land of the Afrikan people and in it,found friends
But when we got too friendly they wanted our lands.
At the battle of Sandlwana we defeated a White man
In Libya they will defeat an Afrikan.

Even as the unchanging status quo has trapped your souls in an oppressive prison
I don't doubt that the Black gods always listen
Even as the West demands to rule the Motherland
I know that in open ears my prayer will land.

Oh Sobukwe,where do you sleep?
Can you not see,can you not hear your children weep?
Kuyasha eLibya,we joni ye sizwe
Liyathathwa lama Afrika izwe.
Hani,oh do you hear me commander Chris?
When you see Afrika reduced to this,
Surely in your resting place you can find no peace.

Today Afrika and her children can only cry
As we watch the people of Libya die.
The UN says Gaddhafi is to blame
But we know that it's only because it wants Afrikan leaders tame.

Libya! Libya!
Back when Azania was in chains and too poor
You took our APLA warriors and kept them from the Boer.
You provided shelter,training camps and a home in Benghazi
Now Azania treats you like ayikwazi.

On bended knee we come to you
Give us light,tell us what to do
Our continent is being sold to vultures
The same ones that destroyed our cultures.
It is not just Gaddhafi that we defend,
But now we can no longer pretend.
We cannot pretend that the AU is for us
Because it is clearly against us
Why else would it sell us out to the West?
That for me,is betrayal at its worst.

We pray for the people of Libya
A place that the borders of colonialism has made too far.
We pray for Colonel Muammar Gaddhafi
And a United States of Afrika that he'll never see.

The people of Afrika must always toil
But the foreigner must forcefully take our oil
Kwanele,it's enough!
Gods of Azania,give us strength,for this journey is tough and its roads are rough.
Guide Afrika,lead us not into Western temptations
But deliver us from these selfish capitalist nations
For Afrika is the kingdom,the power and the glory
Forever and ever
Until victory...


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