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There will be no revolution without bloodshed by Malaika wa Azania

by Malaika Wa Azania on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 5:31am ·
It is not my habbit to quote dead men,but something that Chairman Mao Tse-tung once said haunts my mind as i sit on my bed thinking about the inevitable yet slow revolution that will happen in Azania.He said:
"We are advocates for the abolishion of war.But we understand that in order for one to get rid of the gun,one must take up that gun."
This powerful quote informs my own conclusion,that there will be no revolution without bloodshed.

A lot of our people are unable to define a revolution,hence many of them are under the ludicrous impression that 1994 was a revolution when it was infact,a socio-political transition into a new dispensation.
The world is in a frenzy about the "revolutions" that happened in Tunisia and Egypt,and perhaps by today,newspapers will be talking about how Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo's capture means Côte d'Ivoire has achieved a "revolution".Let me be clear that what has been happening in the Arab north is people taking to the streets sparking uprisings.Uprisings are not a revolution,simply because after every revolution,the product must be a completely new order.You don't remove Mubarak,a capitalist,and replace him with a capitalist,even if their ideological backgrounds differ.That is not a completely new order but merely changing the drivers of the same car.

Let's bring it closer to home.

Many of us agree that this is a sick society that we live in.The magnitude of the levels of stratification borders on the insane.After years of economic and political marginalisation,a botched armed struggle and a negotiated settlement,Azania has not experienced any significant change.The same workig class majority that was oppressed pre-1994 is today being oppressed.The system of capitalism is death defined and the centre can nolonger hold.What does it mean?

It means something needs to be done.It means there are people who must get it done.That thing that needs to be done is that the people must unite and mobilise themselves to challenge capitalism,to annihilate everything about it.Ownership of the means of production by a minority elitist group must be destroyed.The people who need to do it,are what Franz Fanon correctly terms "the wretched of the earth".The taxi drivers,the street vendors,the domestic workers,the teachers,the construction workers etc,are the people who must ensure that this change happens.
But there's a problem...

The problem is that those who own the means of production will never surrender their resources.They will never sit back as their properties and other assets are seized to be redistributed to the masses.Capitalists are selfish,self-serving and driven by greed.They will never capitulate.Like Lenin asked: What is to be done?

The answer is straight-forward.The people must take back from the system.They must stop demanding emancipation from economic bondage,and instead,forcefully take it,and give the middle finger to a constitution that has systematically.

(to be continued later)

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